Commuter Biking Commuter Biking

 Commuter biking is becoming increasingly popular. Several reasons for this are:

  • high gas prices
  • health benefits for the rider
  • desire to reduce pollution
  • desire for a more enjoyable commute
  • much more 

This page seeks to inspire and advise the everyday worker on commuter biking! There are news articles on how biking in California is becoming safer along with suggestions on where to bike for pleasure. Additionally there are videos and pictures of biking here in Sacramento and elsewhere around the world. If you're really interested in biking and want to see what cities can do to encourage it, then check out the Pleasanton bike plan and the Bicycles for America blueprint. They are both very interesting documents. Enjoy!

Websites on biking Websites on biking

Need inspiration or advice on commuter biking in Sacramento? Follow these links!


Looking for a great resource? Go to This is a Sacramento region specific website. There you can select a bike route to work, find others to ride with, learn the rules of the road, log your bike miles, discounts, and more!