Sustainability is Leadership Sustainability is Leadership


Director Mark Cowin speaks on the importance of leadership as it relates to Sustainability and how DWR is leading the way among state agencies and California's water community.

Video Run Time: 57 seconds

DWR Working Together DWR Working Together


Sebastion Perez, Chief of Operations and Maintenance talks about the importance of DWR working together to achieve more sustainable projects.

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Sustainability is Ongoing Sustainability is Ongoing


Natural Resources Agency  Secretary John Laird talks about the on-going Sustainability efforts of the entire Agency but also of the special importance of water resources to all of California.

Video Run Time: 1:45 seconds

Making Better Informed Choices Making Better Informed Choices


Kathie Kashabi of Business Services talks how DWR is making better informed choices on its purchasing and is promoting more sustainable business choices.

Video Run Time: 1:15 seconds

Sustainability is Environmental Stewardship Sustainability is Environmental Stewardship


Jeanne Kuttle, Prinicple Engineer, discusses the role of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability at DWR.

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Sustainability is Keeping Good Company! Sustainability is Keeping Good Company!


Wade Hughes from the Sacramento Utility District (SMUD) talks about DWR and SMUD's partnership on renewable energy.

Video Run Time: 1:18 seconds

Resources for Future Generations Resources for Future Generations


Kamyar Guivetchi, Manager, Statewide Integrated Water Management, talks about the importance of natural resources management for future generations.

Video Run Time: 1:48 seconds