2013 Sustainable Year 2013 Sustainable Year


Transit Month

Goal: Increase Commuter Club Membership

DWR Event:

Commuter Club Signup Drive





Energy Efficiency

Goal: Reduce Building Energy Use by 10% by 2015 (Reduce GHGs)

DWR Event:

Highlights of DWR Energy Efficiency Efforts

Presentations on Energy Efficiency

Sign up for Energy Efficiency Audit


Earth Day

Goal: Participate in the Earth Day Activity nearest you!

DWR Event:

National Ignition Facility Laser Show

Partner with Cal EPA Event





"May is Bike Month"

Goal: 10% increase 1st time participation (Reduce GHGs)

DWR Event:

Bike to Work Day, Greeting Stations, Bike Safety Classes,

Commuter Panel Brownbag



Goal: Increase Re-use as part of DWR's Waste Reduction Efforts

DWR Event:






Water Efficiency

Goal: Reduce Water Use 20% by 2020

DWR Event:

Water Saving Workshops

Home Water Conservation Plan





Climate Action

Goal: Reduce GHGs

DWR Events:

 DWR Movie

Climate Change Panel

Climate Action Ride



Environmental Stewardship


Goal: Sustainability, Biodiversity & Healthy Ecosystems

DWR Event:

Videos, Workshops, Panel discussions, Roundtable Event




Low Car Use Challenge


Goal: Reduce GHGs

DWR Event:

Low Car Use Challenge Sign up

Fuel Cell Technology Presentation and Fuel Cell Vehicle Demo



America Recycles Day


Goal: Increase Recycling as part of DWR's Waste Reduction Efforts

DWR Event:

On-site Collection Event






DWR is hosting a Sustainable Year! The purpose is to highlight DWR's Sustainability Goals as well as offer on-going Sustainability events and education. Each month there will be various events and presentations as well as a entire page devoted to that month's theme and goal. Please feel free to participate in the listed activities and to offer suggestions and ideas for future events. Your ideas and comments are welcome!

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